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Pest Treatment Plans

As an integral part of the treatment, we investigate the problem thoroughly.


Wasp Nest Treatments


We always recommend that a wasp nest is treated by a professional pest controller. We have treated many nests where the householder has attempted to treat the problem themselves usually with disastrous consequences. Wherever possible we aim to treat wasps nests within 24 hours, as once discovered they can seem very threatening, and are often discovered the hard way! We can treat them in any location and in seemingly inaccessible places. We use a professional insecticidal dust applied under pressure to ensure we get right to the root of the problem. We are fully equipped to deal with even the most challenging location. We guarantee to destroy every nest we treat quickly efficiently and with minimum disruption.


Ant Treatments


Both inside the home and outside require thoroughness and experience to treat successfully. The professional chemical we use does not kill the individual ants instantly but allows time for the chemical to be transported back to the nest and passed through the colony, therefore destroying the whole nest. For a treatment to be effective there needs to be a reasonable amount of foraging ant activity. The most successful treatments are carried out before the main breeding activity takes place, but when the ants are active.


Our treatments are so successful because we apply the appropriate chemical in the correct application rates in the most effective areas, safely, and with regard for non-target species. The chemicals we use have no repellence factor, so the ants readily cross over a treated area and then transport and pass on the chemical. We usually request that any treatments that have been used prior to ours be removed as some can adversely affect our chemicals. We always request that any ‘ant powder’ be removed before we carry out a treatment. The chemicals we use have a residual effect and should be left in situ for as long as possible. If the treated area is thoroughly cleaned after application then this will remove the active ingredient and leave the area open to re infestation.


A very severe ant infestation may require 2 treatments a year.


Flying ants are the breeding ants of the colony leaving the nest. They will not return to the nest and therefore any treatment applied to them will not result in destroying the whole colony. They always head upwards and towards the light so tend to congregate on windows. They can either be let out of the window or vacuumed up. Although the hatch and emergence of the flying ants can be quite dramatic, and traumatic, they are of no real danger to the public.


Through knowledge and experience, we know that there is no substitute for a thorough and conscientious ant treatment using quality chemicals expertly applied.


Modern professional chemicals are virtually undetectable when correctly applied.


Rodent Treatments


We investigate the problem thoroughly, eliminate the pest and do our utmost to establish the cause of the problem and carry out or suggest measures to prevent future infestations.


Rodent treatments differ tremendously, from a mouse loose about the house to protecting a warehouse full of birdseed, corn or potatoes from contamination. The success of all relies on determination, experience, and a thorough working knowledge of rodent habits and habitats.


Firstly it is essential to establish which pest is causing a problem, and to take appropriate action, safely. All rodent treatments that involve the laying of bait require at least 2 and sometimes 3 visits to the affected premises.


Every rodent treatment we carry out includes a survey of the site to establish how the rodents have gained access to the affected area, and what is attracting them. We check for ingress points and suggest what remedial and proofing work is required. We can rectify small faults as part of the treatment but any major building work may need to be carried out by an expert.


We have our own drain cameras and we are very experienced at checking drains for signs of rodent activity and ingress points. We always keep the customer informed at every stage of the treatment.


The key to a successful treatment is to establish the cause and to put in place measures to prevent future infestations. In most cases a cure is entirely possible.


In commercial premises we are equally thorough and have many on-going contracts. We pride ourselves on the standards we achieve and the thoroughness of the service we provide.


Mole Trapping


In domestic situations trapping is the only option open. Our operatives are extremely skilled trappers, but even when an area has been successfully cleared there is always the possibility of re-infestation.


Rabbit Trapping, Shooting and Ferreting


We are skilled and experienced at dealing with rabbit problems in domestic gardens, on golf courses, and on vast areas of agricultural land, and everything in between.




We are experienced and skilled at removing and proofing against pigeons in challenging urban environments, domestic and commercial premises particularly where discretion is essential.




Trapping mink requires vigilance and conscientiousness as traps must be checked everyday once set. We have a great deal of knowledge and experience at trapping mink and protecting the native wildlife.



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